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Read Online A Year and a Day Full Book

A Year and a Day

Authors : Inglath Cooper
Publisher : Harlequin
Published Date : 2018-10-15
ISBN-13 : 9781488049866
Page : 262 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions A Year and a Day

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RITA® Award—winning author Inglath Cooper delivers a classic story of finding love where you least expect it.

Audrey Colby has the life most women dream of… Too bad it’s all a facade. Her seemingly devoted husband is really a monster. Their high-society “friends” protect his ugly secrets. The mansion they live in is just a gilded prison for her and her son, Sammy. Everything hinges on escape. One day, Audrey decides she and her son need to leave. She’s had enough. If only Nicholas would stop interfering.

Former state prosecutor Nicholas Wakefield has seen his share of violence perpetrated against women. He knows there are some injustices he can’t make right, like the unsolved rape and murder of his teenage sister. He failed her. But he won’t fail Audrey…

Originally published in 2005.

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