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The Trial Of Hang Tuah The Great


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Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1482898993
Size: 27.91 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 138
View: 2739

Book Description: The Trial of Hang Tuah the Great, a prize-winning play, uses an ancient story of the Malay hero, Hang Tuah, to re-examine of some of the issues connected with identity prevailing in Malaysian society over the past fifty years or so since the independence of Malaya and the establishment of Malaysia. It is an imaginative retelling of the story of Hang Tuah, associated with the Melaka Sultanate of the fifteenth century who, myth and legend maintains, never died, while historians, time and again questioning Hang Tuah’s very existence, have recently declared that such a figure never actually existed. The Trial of Hang Tuah the Great takes both these theories into consideration and through them, examines the traditional idea of a hero in the Malay psyche, linking him symbolically to certain individuals, such as Maharaja Lela, and a spectrum of events, mythical, legendary and historical, based on the hypothetical question of who Hang Tuah would have been if he had lived beyond 15th century Melaka right up to our own times and even beyond the present until the year 2020. The play’s text is a powerful and stunning confrontation of myth in the manner of Grotowski (Poor Theatre). In terms of staging, as envisioned by its author, The Trial of Hang Tuah the Great is based upon modern western theories and techniques, such as those of Bertolt Brecht (Epic Theatre) and Antonin Artaud (Theatre of Cruelty). In both senses, The Trial of Hang Tuah the Great is a groundbreaking Malaysian play.

Chinese Shadow Theatre

Chinese Shadow Theatre PDF

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Author: Fan Pen Li Chen
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773531971
Size: 47.25 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 343
View: 2869

Book Description: In her study of Chinese shadow theatre Fan Pen Li Chen documents and corrects misconceptions about this once-popular art form. Drawing on extensive research and fieldwork, she argues that these plays served a mainly religious function during the Qing dynasty and that the appeal of women warrior characters reflected the lower classes' high tolerance for the unorthodox and subversive.

Puppetry For All Times

Puppetry for All Times PDF

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Author: Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 148282812X
Size: 30.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 390
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Book Description: The Puppetry for All Times Seminar held in September of 2013 in Ubud, Bali, was one of the most enchanting of events of its kind held anywhere in recent years. Its success revolved around the fantastic locale, the overwhelming response from performers as well as the paper presenters, and the generous support of Rumah Topengthe House of Masks and Puppets Setiadarma. In Puppetry for All Times, editor Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof offers a unique collection of papers presented at this weeklong seminar by academicians as well as performers of various traditions of Asian puppetry. The papers cover a wide range of interests and perspectives in puppetry and theater including history and tradition; heritage, preservation, and conversation; tradition and modernity; and digital puppetry and media. Puppetry for All Times recaps a key international event in the realm of puppet theater, marking the beginning of such endeavors as Rumah Topengs maiden academic publication.

Indian Puppets

Indian Puppets PDF

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Author: Sampa Ghosh
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
ISBN: 817017435X
Size: 20.15 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Puppet making
Languages : en
Pages : 494
View: 610

Book Description: Puppetry Originated In India And Travelled Across The Seven Seas To The Eastern And Western World As Vouched By Many Scholars. Puppets Dated Back To A Period Well Before Bharata S Natya Shastra And Have Continued Unabated Throughout The Centuries In Almost All Indian States. Puppetry Is One Enduring Form, Which Has Entertained Masses And Educated People. The Famous Puppeteers Of Rajasthan Are Really Acrobats, Who Only Put On Puppet Shows When They Move Out Of Villages. These And A Thousand Other Scintillating Facts Come Out Of This Exciting Book For The Reader S Entertainment And Elucidation. Puppets Are By No Means For Only Children, -- As The Puppeteers Of Orissa Sing And Dance About The Romantic Love Of Radha And Krishna, And Keralan Puppets Narrate Kathakali Stories In The Same Make-Up And Costumes.The Book Aims At Giving A Connected Account Of The Indian Puppets: Their Variety, Their Multiple Functions, Their Craft, Their Animation And Their Connections With Other Related Arts In Five Separate Parts. The Book Also Contains For The First Time In Any Book On Puppetry -- Four Important Appendices: Museums In India Containing Puppets, Directory Of Indian Puppeteers, Global Bibliography On Puppets And A Relevant Glossary. The World Of Indian Puppets Is Seen In Vivid Colours With Scores Of Coloured Photographs And Many Line-Drawings And Half-Tone Pictures --- In Their Many-Sided Splendour: Variety Of The Glove, Rod, String, Shadow, And Human Puppets And A Myriad Background Stories Of The Puppet-Masters And Their Imaginative Landscape Of Free Creativity.

Proceedings Of The 3rd International Conference On Intelligent And Interactive Computing 2021

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Intelligent and Interactive Computing 2021 PDF

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Author: Sarni Suhaila Rahim
Publisher: UTeM Press
ISBN: 9672454791
Size: 12.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 164
View: 1951

Book Description: The 3rd International Conference on Intelligent and Interactive Computing 2021 (IIC 2021) was held virtually at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Melaka, Malaysia, on 9 September 2021. The event was jointly organized by the Department of Interactive Media and Department of Intelligent Computing and Analytics, Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), with the theme ‘Empowering the World with Intelligent and Immersive Computing towards Smart Solutions’. This open access e-proceedings contains a compilation of 38 selected papers from the IIC 2021. The technical committees received a great response for submissions from various area including computational intelligence, data analytics, robotics and automation, multimedia and immersive technologies, education 4.0 and others. We hope that this proceeding will serve as a valuable reference for researchers. The event has achieved its aim which is to gather academic scholars and industry practitioners to share valuable knowledge and expertise in related disciplines. Moreover, it is hoped that this conference has opened up opportunities to explore recent advancements and challenges on selected research discipline. As the editors-in-chief, we are grateful and would like to convey our sincerest gratitude to the fellow review members for their effort in reviewing the submitted papers for this proceeding. We are thankful to all the authors for revising their papers according to the proceeding requirements. Also, we would like to express our thoughtful appreciation to the organizer of the IIC 2021.

Panggung Semar


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Author: Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1482830256
Size: 22.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Performing Arts
Languages : en
Pages : 248
View: 7637

Book Description: Although stretching back into the unwritten and often mythic past, traditional Malay performing arts have, until recent times, been almost totally neglected. In recent years, the subject has begun to attract the serious scholarly interest it deserves. Such attention is timely, for the principal theatre genres, including Mak Yong, Wayang Kulit and the comparatively modern Bangsawan, have begun to suffer decline. Indeed, many of them are on the verge of extinction and, with time, will come the loss of an important facet of the native Malay genius. This volume by an acknowledged expert on Malaysian theatre, Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof, is a pioneering work on the subject, an invaluable contribution to Malay cultural studies. It discusses theatre from the perspectives of history, performance principles, functions and problems that have contributed to the decline of traditional performing arts in Malaysia. Also included is a chapter on Semangat, the Malay concept of soul, a seminal belief whose understanding allows for a deeper appreciation of Malay theatre and its role in traditional society. A vital forerunner of several books on the traditional performing arts and cultural traditions of the Malays, this volume is a landmark in cultural research by a Malaysian scholar.

A History Of Classical Malay Literature

A History of Classical Malay Literature PDF

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Author: Liaw Yock Fang
Publisher: Yayasan Pustaka Obor Indonesia
ISBN: 9794618101
Size: 75.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 506
View: 5290

Book Description: This is a detailed, narrative–based history of Classical Malay Literature. It covers a wide range of Malay texts, including folk literature; the influence of the Indian epics and shadow theatre; Panji tales; the transition from Hindu to Muslim literary models; Muslim literature; framed tales; theological literature; historical literature; legal codes; and the dominant forms of poetry, the pantun and syair. The author describes the background to each of these particular literary periods. He engages in depth with specific texts, their various manuscripts, and their contents. In so doing, he draws attention to the historical complexity of tradisional Malay society, its worldviews, and its place within the wider framework of human experience. Dr. Liaw’s History of Classical Malay Literature will be of benefit to beginning students of Malay Literature and to established scholars alike. It can also be read with benefit by those with a wider interest in Comparative Literature and in Southeast Asian culture in general.

The Music Of Malaysia

The Music of Malaysia PDF

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Author: Patricia Matusky
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351839640
Size: 67.83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Music
Languages : en
Pages : 462
View: 3986

Book Description: The Music of Malaysia, first published in Malay in 1997 and followed by an English edition in 2004 is still the only history, appreciation and analysis of Malaysian music in its many and varied forms available in English. The book categorizes the types of music genres found in Malaysian society and provides an overview of the development of music in that country. Analyses of the music are illustrated with many examples transcribed from original field recordings. Genres discussed include theatrical and dance forms, percussion ensembles, vocal and instrumental music and classical music. It is an excellent introduction to and exploration of the country's vibrant musical culture. This new, fully revised and updated edition includes time lines, listening guides and downloadable resources of field recordings that are analysed and discussed in the text.