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Dear Mom
by Dee Dee Rapp

What is in the Bible For– Teens
by Mark R. Littleton, Jeanette Gardner Littleton

Filled with illustrations, time lines, and maps, a new guide to unlocking the mysteries of the bible for teens focuses attention on passages and stories that resonate with adolescents. Original.

Chaotic Joy
by Megan Breedlove

If you’re waiting to live abundantly until the house is tidy, your kids are clean and well behaved, and you have plenty of free time to pursue a glamorous hobby, you may be waiting awhile. However, you don’t have to wait for things to settle down to live the good life, because motherhood–with all its chaos–is the abundance God promised

In Chaotic Joy, you will discover how to experience abundant life in the midst of the madness and mess. Find out what’s keeping you from the joy and satisfaction you dreamed being a mom would bring, and learn how to recognize God’s hand of blessing even through countless diaper changes, toddler meltdowns, and thousands of important tasks that clamor for your attention. Motherhood can be chaotic, for sure. But it’s meant to be so much more.

Living Artfully
by Sandra Magsamen

Many people today are looking outside themselves for well-being and happiness when what they’re searching for has been inside them all along.” — Sandra Magsamen

Living artfully is expressing who you are through the moments that you create. Living Artfully reminds us to explore and experience life with more heart, meaning, purpose, and joy. It asks us to imagine, to dream big, to believe in ourselves, to celebrate the people in our lives, make each day count, dance when the spirit moves us, laugh out loud, and let our voices be heard.

In this beautiful, life-changing book, acclaimed artist and entrepreneur Sandra Magsamen will transform everything you think you know about art, creativity, and personal fulfillment. And she’ll show you that you’ve already got just what you need in your own two hands to create the life of joy and beauty that you want — for yourself and others.

Living Artfully puts you in direct touch with your own imagination, where the only rule is there are no rules. Warm, encouraging, always good-humored, it is full of inspiring stories about people who pursue their own creative impulses and are rewarded with unexpected and delightful results. By following the ten principles of Living Artfully — Magsamen’s own dynamic process of creative thinking and being — you will embark on an exciting personal journey of self-discovery. You’ll learn how to connect with everyone in your life in inventive new ways, through everyday things, caring gestures, meaningful moments, and simple gifts that really make a difference. You’ll also discover how, where, and when you can use your own creative language — the images, words, sounds, foods, or crafts through which you most easily express yourself.

To Sandra Magsamen, Living Artfully is connection. It’s the ultimate form of communication. It’s recognizing and embracing your own powerful, creative abilities. And the first step on the journey to Living Artfully is to rediscover the gifts of imagination, curiosity, and playfulness — gifts that you already possess. Each chapter presents a wealth of practical and fun ideas that you can tailor to suit your own circumstances and preferences and that will jump-start your imagination and free dormant or forgotten talents. By giving yourself permission to be yourself, you’ll embark on a personal renaissance, connecting with your inherent sense of fun and optimism and discovering that even simple tasks of everyday life can become perfect, natural outlets for your newfound creativity.

Filled with Sandra’s stunning, four-color, signature artwork, Living Artfully is not a how-to book but a why-to — uplifting, motivational, and fun. It is also a guide into a new cultural movement in which people choose to live with a creative purpose, celebrating the people, places, and moments that make life truly meaningful.

Hearts on Fire
by Penny Lernoux

Hearts on Fire is the inspiring story of the Maryknoll Sisters, updated to mark the centenary of their founding in 1912. Through the voices of the Sisters themselves, Penny Lernoux draws a loving portrait of a community in constant transition and shows how in their process of growth and conversion they left an indelible mark on the church and the world.

Sharing a Laugh
by Women of Faith,

Laughter is the best medicine, and the Women of Faith® speakers definitely know how to lose themselves in laughter. Laugh along with them as they share sidesplitting stories and hilarious jokes that are sure to get a giggle – and perhaps a belly laugh – out of every reader.

Sharing a Laugh will entertain and delight you with humor from: Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson, Nicole Johnson, Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, Thelma Wells, and others.

Keepsakes for a Mother’s Heart
by Alice Gray, Susan Wales

Families-especially mothers-are longing for more connectedness, deeper family purpose and meaning, and unforgettable treasured times. There is a natural hunger for finding and preserving the pure and innocent moments with their children-where first prayers and teddy bear picnics are woven together with a golden thread of keepsake moments. On ordinary days as well as special ones, Keepsakes for a Mother’s Heart celebrates motherhood at its best by helping to create and preserve occasions to reminisce and enjoy long after the children have grown. From toddler to preteen years, the authors provide a menagerie of creative ideas, fun activities, stories, and special ways for treasuring the keepsakes of a mother’s heart.

Inspirational Pomes by Jones
by Geri Jones

Inspirational Pomes by Jones are written from the heart and soul of the author. They are shared to inspire and guide the reader on a path of joy, freedom, and happiness. Each one has a message, and each one has a colorful illustration to encourage the reader to feel what life on this beautiful planet Earth has to offer, and to walk their own individual path.

Everyday Matters
by Marie Clapper

by Richard Aab

Étoile (pronounced “e-twal”) is the story of newborn star who dreams of finding her way to the center of Mother Universe in order to become a Big Star so that she can be happy. As she travels, she meets a group of planets who are all alone in the universe and Étoile happily takes them under her wing. But when it becomes clear that with her newfound family in tow, she’ll never reach the center of Mother Universe, she’s faced with the choice of whether or not to leave her planets behind and continue on without them. But she might just realize that she’s already a Bigger Star than she ever could’ve imagined!

An homage to the challenges, wonder, and joy of motherhood and a gift to all mom’s who are the biggest stars of our universe.