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The Everything Guide To Careers In Health Care
by Kathy Quan

The trillion-dollar health-care industry makes up the fastest growing segment of the job market, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

With The Everything Guide to Careers in Health Care, you can explore all the employment possibilities in health care, and choose the right career path just for you. From nursing and psychology to pharmacy technology and art therapy-and dozens more positions in between-this engaging, enlightening volume helps you decide which career to pursue and how to pursue it, including:

  • Self-assessment and evaluation
  • Working conditions and lifestyle concerns
  • Educational requirements
  • Available grants and incentives
  • And much, much more!

The Everything Guide to Careers in Health Care is all you need to take advantage of the many opportunities the booming health care industry has to offer-for years to come!

What Degree Do I Need to Pursue a Career in Health Care?
by Rita Lorraine Hubbard

Spanning careers from data assistant to medical doctor, the health care field welcomes job-seekers who possess anything from basic certification to advanced degrees. Jobs can include behind-the-scenes responsibilities or more hands-on work with direct patient care. As this volume shows, students pursuing any of several degree paths can make a concrete difference in people’s lives through a health care career. Profiles of jobs in the nursing, dental, medical, and nutrition fields, among others, are included. Also highlighted are the variety of opportunities available to students of varying education levels, as well as the health care field’s fastest growing and most in-demand professions.

Jump-Starting a Career in Mental Health and Therapy
by Corona Brezina

Mental health care is a challenging and rewarding field in which compassionate professionals provide patients with treatment that can help them heal and recover from mental illness. Therapists and other mental health workers treat a wide range of medical problems related to patients’ emotional, psychological, and social health. This book describes several career paths that are personally fulfilling and essential for patient care, including psychiatric technicians, nursing assistants, medical assistants, orderlies, pharmacy technicians, and medical transcriptionists, among others. Some counselors, for instance, specialize in substance abuse treatment, and their expertise is in high demand because of the opioid crisis that is afflicting the nation.

Careers in Mental Health
by Daniel E. Harmon

A career path devoting to servicing mental health patients is a challenging and rewarding sector of health care. Patients are of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Some suffer from clinical disorders, others from the consequences of traumatic events in their lives or of long-term problems at home, in school, or at work. Careers described in this practical guide include psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health counselor, social worker, counselor in behavioral disorders, rehabilitation counselor, psychiatric technician, and aide, among related vocations. Some careers require medical degrees, others only a high school diploma with postsecondary training.

A Man’s Guide to a Nursing Career
by Chad E. O’Lynn

Named a 2013 PROSE Award Honorable Mention in Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Winner of the Dr. Gene Tranbarger Writing Award from the American Assembly for Men in Nursing

Though O’Lynn emphasizes a male perspective on becoming a nurse, this book should be required reading for anyone thinking about entering the nursing profession….The section on nursing education from the perspective of both students and instructors is worth the price of the book….Highly recommended.”–Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

“I love this book. It has inspired and motivated me to continue to do something for men in nursing at the college where I teach as well as for men in our delivery rooms and postpartum units. We need to move beyond women and children and include men as fathers to truly promote wellness for families.”

Janet Ierardi, MSN, RNC, CNE
Assistant Professor
Family Focused Nursing
Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Nursing Program

This is a nuts and bolts guide to a career in nursing–from the earliest consideration of a nursing career through education and clinical practice–designed specifically for men. Written by the author of Men in Nursing: History, Challenges and Opportunities, it was created at the request of numerous colleagues for a book that addressed the practical needs and concerns of men throughout their nursing career journey.

The text presents the numerous career paths available in nursing along with a consideration of their financial benefits, job security, personal fulfillment, and the need for nurses who are adept at information management and high tech-skills. The history of nursing is discussed through biographies of nine remarkable male nurses, offering much needed historical role models. The guide discusses strategies for dealing with a rigorous nursing curriculum compounded by the challenges of anti-male sentiment that is sometimes present. It takes the reader from day one of nursing school through the licensing exam and also addresses the specific needs of second-degree and accelerated program students. The book discusses the obstacles that may result from cross-gender nursing communication and relationships with a focus on teamwork. Also covered are professional development and leadership concerns in light of criticism from some women that men advance for self-serving reasons or “on the backs” of women colleagues.

Key Features:

  • Discusses how to navigate the rigors of nursing school along with strategies for success
  • Explains how cope with anti-male sentiment
  • Describes how to create an application that stands out from the pack
  • Helps male students to boost caring skills and touch patients in ways that reflect professionalism, empathy, and skill
  • Includes helpful advice for landing a first job

Know Yourself
by Anita Houghton

If you work through this book I can guarantee that by the end of it two things will have happened – you will be in a much better position to plan and execute your future career, and you will feel a lot better than you do now This user-friendly guide will help health professionals take control of their careers. By involving the reader in a personal journey of positive reflection the book focuses on abilities, enjoyment and personal satisfaction in the workplace, then based on this new-found knowledge, offers advice on practical ways forward. Know Yourself is unique in using two types of therape.

Health Careers Planning Guide-Illinois

The Union Member’s Complete Guide
by Michael Mauer

An easy-to-read, thorough explanation of what unions are, how they work, and the rights and responsibilities of membership. Countless workers today became union members only because they took jobs in previously organized workplaces and have little understanding of how unions work. This book gives them that basic understanding and answers bedrock questions about such things as the structure of the labor movement, how contracts are negotiated, the grievance process, core labor laws, their union’s role in their community and a whole lot more.

Start-up Jobs: A Guide for Everything You Need to Know About Finding, Landing, and Excelling In A Start-up Job Position
by James L. Spaulding

Learn the Secrets to Landing Your Dream Start-up Job with the Hottest Start-ups in the Country!

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Start-ups are getting a great deal of attention, especially among job seekers. With the inspiring and enticing success stories of some of the most well-known start-ups being shared, everyone is looking into a tech career to make it big. Thousands of people are picking up and heading to the most well-known tech start-up cities from around the world. It makes those with no tech experience or real desire to learn coding or computer programming feel left out, like they are missing out on some big opportunities.

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● How to prepare for a start-up interview.
You don’t need to be a tech whiz to land a start-up job, but it will require more effort to get your foot through a start-up door than you might think. Whether you are looking to make the switch from corporate to start-up, learn how to get a start-up job with no previous startup experience whatsoever or learn where to go for a start-up position right out of college, this book will guide you and explain in-depth:
If the potential to make a lot of money intrigues you, if you want to work at a job that gives your life and days meaning, if you are willing to take risks, work hard, and overcome challenges, and be a part of creating something out of nothing… a start-up job might be ideal for you. But, if you want to ensure you have a chance of landing your potential dream job, you need to know how to break into the start-up industry – this is the book for you. It will walk you through the process from beginning to end and leave you with a sense of confidence, excitement, and ambition on the next steps to take!

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